Gestational Surrogacy India

Gestational surrogacy Canada,surrogacy USA,surrogacy Australia.
Gestational surrogacy Ireland,surrogacy France,surrogacy UK 

Surrogacy is when a woman bears a child for another woman or couple (the commissioning couple). There are two types of surrogacy: 1]Gestational surrogacy 2]Traditional surrogacy

We do Gestational surrogacy to help you to create your family.

Gestational surrogacy: where the surrogate mother received embryos from eggs that do not genetically belong to her. This is legally allowed in India.

Surrogacy is not an easy decision, either financially or emotionally, no matter how compelling the reason for seeking it may be. The entire venture promises to be fraught with confusion, uncertainties and fear of the unknown.

More Americans Now Traveling to India for Surrogate Pregnancy because it about A mum, a dad, an egg donor and a surrogate equals baby.

India is attractive for two reasons. Surrogacy comes at a reasonable price here. In the US, surrogacy costs up to $120,000; in India, couples pay only a fourth or so of that amount. Having a child could cost anything between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 25 lakh here: costs include the in vitro fertilisation, caring for the surrogate for her full term of pregnancy , the surrogate’s fee and living expenses for the intended parents. Many couples also come through medical tourism agencies or surrogacy agency that specialise in medical tourism. These agencies liaise with infertility clinics in India and organise the couple’s trip for a fee.

Requirements for the surrogate mother: Rotunda can provide Indian surrogates recruited through advertisements in local newspapers. All surrogates taken into the program are between 21-35 years of age. They are married with previous normal deliveries and healthy babies. The surrogate is also run through HIV and other infectious disease screening, other serological screening , and Thalessemia screening.

We demystify the process making it as easy and comfortable a journey as possible for the intended parent(s). We have every service relevant and pertinent to surrogacy under one roof. With a ground logistics team helping with the accommodations and travel, years of experience, we are fully geared to help clients of nearly all nationalities realize their dream for parenthood through surrogacy in India.

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  1. Rotunda Blue Fertility Clinic & Keyhole Surgery Center   Dadar
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  1. Gestational surrogacy Canada,surrogacy USA,surrogacy Australia.
    Gestational surrogacy Ireland,surrogacy UK

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