Embryo cryopreservation (freezing)

Blastocyst & Embryo Freezing in IVF, Vitrification & Cryopreservation

It should be noted that not every couple undergoing IVF will need to worry about embryo freezing/thawing, since not every couple will have sufficiently large number of “surplus” or non-transferred embryos available for freezing.

Embryo freezing (at an additional charge) may be performed in couples who have just received a fresh embryo transfer procedure and still have good quality embryos left. Recently a new technique called Vitrification has been developed and has shown good results in studies carried out all over the world. At Rotunda Clinic we offer Vitrification technique of embryo freezing.

Benefits of Vitrification in IVF Treatment

The vitrified embryos will remain in storage to be used by the patients in the future. This can either be for the creation of a sibling or in the unfortunate event where the “fresh cycle” was not successful, to have another embryo transfer. Thawed embryos (after slow freezing which is the standard technique) have a lower viability rate compared to “fresh” cycles. Vitrification has increased the survival rates of thawed embryos.

The frozen embryo transfer cycle is much less invasive as it does not require taking FSH injections or undergoing an egg collection procedure.

We offer the following fertility infertility ivf treatment services:

Intrauterine Insemination,In vitro Fertilisation (IVF),ICSI,IVF Lite (Mild IVF/Minimal stimulation IVF),Surgical Sperm retrieval,Donor Egg program,Sperm banking and donor sperm,Embryo freezing,Gestational Surrogacy,Embryo donation.

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