Embryo adoption

Embryo Adoption Program

Embryo adoption is the newest method of planning your family, which combines assisted reproductive techniques with adoption, so that instead of adopting a baby, infertile couples adopt an embryo.

At Rotunda, we handle embryo donation like a closed adoption. There is absolutely no contact between the donor couple and the recipients. We will however be able to provide full details regarding the genetic parents to you. The recipient couple does not need to inform their obstetrician that they achieved their pregnancy through embryo adoption!

Unlike traditional adoption, the couple does not have to go through a legal process to adopt, but do so through medical treatment. This means that the couple ‘biologically adopts’ the embryo. Embryo adoption offers the unique opportunity to the couple to bond with their child prior to birth, and to give birth.

In addition, embryo adoption may be much more affordable than traditional adoption in the countries like the US. Embryo adoption also offers couples privacy and secrecy, so that they do not need to worry about societal acceptance of their adopted child. Also if you religious beliefs preclude adoption, this may be an option. The best results with embryo adoptions are with fresh embryo adoptions, which are done with a Donor Egg IVF Program.

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At Rotunda Fertility Clinic,they offer you the full range of infertility- related services in one location.Physician offices, patient exam rooms, outpatient surgery and recovery rooms, facilities for collection of blood and semen for testing are all offered on-site. Whether you are just beginning to suspect that you may have infertility or have already undergone the process earlier.

Rotunda Fertility Clinic and Keyhole Surgery Centre is among the first to offer embryo adoption and has grown to one of the largest embryos adoption programs in the India

For further information on any question relating to Embryo Donation – Embryo Adoption Program ,surrogacy treatment,surrogate mother,surrogacy in India or infertility specialist you may contact at http://www.rotunda.co.in or http://www.testtubebabyclinic.com

Contact for: Embryo Donation – Embryo Adoption Program |IVF Treatment India 

+91 22 2640 5000 or +91 22 27830100 or +91 22 26390044 or +91 22 2446 6633

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1 Response to Embryo adoption

  1. nicole says:

    Hi my husband and i are looking into haveing a surrogate carry a baby with his sperm and donor eggs..do you offer this??do you have a page for cost break down etc..also lastly have you had any probs with intended parents takeing there babies home from your country??ie..visa probs etc??Thank you in advance for yourhelp..

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