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Today innumerous couples in the world are facing infertility disorders. Infertility disorder being one of the most common problem of young and middle-aged couples, the doctors across the globe have put in tremendous effort to find a cure for every possible infertility disorder. Sperm Banking and Sperm donation is the treatment option available to infertile couples to achieve pregnancies with the means of third party reproduction.

A sperm bank, semen bank or cryobank is a facility that collects and stores human sperm mainly from sperm donors, for the purpose of achieving pregnancies through third party reproduction, notably by artificial insemination. Sperm donated in this way is known as donor sperm. Sperm Banking is the collection, freezing (cryopreservation) and storage (cryobanking) of these healthy sperm for future use in reproduction. The sperm donated by the donor are inseminated into the female uterus to fertilize her eggs so that she conceives. In simpler words, the duty of a sperm bank is to gather, filter and dispense out the sperms. They can be just known as the middleman between the two parties, i.e. the donor and the patient. A man who wants to save sperm for future use, can do so by consulting a specialized sperm bank. One can freeze sperm for many years by storing them at -196°C in liquid nitrogen, after adding cryoprotectants to prevent the sperm from damage.

Sperm Donor, Sperm Bank and Infertility today

Sperm Donor, Sperm Bank and Infertility today

Sperm donation may be a treatment option for::
1. Single women.
2. Men who have obstructive azoospermia or who have had vasectomy previously.
3. Collection prior to IVF.
4. Men who have had radiotherapy or chemotherapy or in whom testes have been removed due to cancer/other disease.
5. Genetic/Inheritable problems in the male partner.

Sperm banking will increase your chance of being able to father a child using your own sperm. Though sperm bank is mainly used for donor insemination, it is also beneficial to use sperm bank services in following circumstances.

1. When the husband is away (working overseas or traveling), his frozen sample can be used to treat his wife.
2. When a man is exposed to high risk professions with exposure to chemicals, radiation, extreme heat, etc. it can cause sterility in men, so one can freeze   their sperm.
3. When men is having variable sperm count, stored sperm can be used as a back up in infertility treatment.
4. When sperm are being retrieved surgically from the man (e.g. “MESA”, “PESA” or “TESE” procedures).
5. When the man is about to receive cancer treatment such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation which can cause permanent
sterility and infertility.
6. When the husband has situational erectile dysfunction and has difficulties collecting semen by masturbation at the time of IUI or IVF cycle.

Sperm Donor, Sperm Bank and Infertility today

Sperm banking, sperm banking cost, sperm storage

Sperm freezing enables the female partner to continue with her reproductive schedule. Human sperms are stored in case they are needed in the future to become a father. Sperm can be stored for as long as you want, even for many years. In the future this may be very important to you. Sperm banking will increase your chance of being able to father a child using your own sperm. Many young men who did not bank their sperm before treatment regret this decision. Later in life when they wanted to have children, they found out they were infertile. Many say they wish they had consulted specialist doctors to do this.

Some frequently asked questions regarding Sperm Banking.

Is it safe to use Sperm Bank?

Yes it is very safe to use sperm bank facility. Every sperm donor is screened for sexually transmitted diseases, as well as a slew of other diseases that might affect both the health of the mother and of the child. The sperm that you get from sperm banks is safe, and it’s also of high quality in terms of the traits that the child will inherit. The entire fertilization process is also done by licensed and certified professionals.

How are the Semen Donors Tested? Are Donors Tested for AIDS? Is genetic testing done for the Donors?

The most thorough testing standards available are used. Sperm bank obtains Donor semen from carefully screened men who have undergone a rigorous medical examination, medical history and extensive testing to screen out any health problems. In accordance with established norms, all donors are tested for HIV 1 and 2, Hepatitis B and C and VDRL. Donors are screened for Thalessemia before entering the donor program.

What are the chances for Therapeutic Donor Insemination (TDI) success?

Realizing that each recipient is a unique individual with her own distinctive physical and emotional complexities, a probability of pregnancy of 40% within 3 cycles, and 75% within 7 cycles is estimated. 80% of the conceptions with Donor Semen occur within the first three cycles; 95% within six cycles. Certain biological factors  for which there is no control, directly influences the success or failure of the clinical procedures.

Whether the sperm donor should be known or unknown?

It is always advisable to go for unknown donor. If the donor is friend or relative then it may create social or legal problems later on. It becomes purely in the hands of the donor whether to keep the insemination process a secret or not.

Whether to use fresh or frozen semen sample?

Success rates with frozen semen sample is almost the same as with fresh semen sample. Recent studies have shown that if the frozen samples contain a sufficient number of motile sperm, pregnancy rates with fresh and frozen samples are comparable.

Fortunately, male factor infertility no longer means a couple must forgo the experience of pregnancy and childbirth. Thanks to modern reproductive technology and sperm banks, many of these couples have the option of becoming parents by using artificial insemination.

Rotunda Sperm Bank, is one of India’s largest human sperm banks and is on par with any comparable International bank. It provides the most up-to-date genetic and infectious disease tested donor semen for infertile couples as well as freezing and storage services to patients desiring to have their own semen specimens preserved for future use. Prospective parents can choose the appropriate physical characteristics from the panel of donors so that skin color, height, eye and hair color can be matched. We also have collaboration with Cryos, the world’s largest international network of sperm banks.

Anonymous Caucasian Sperm can be offered when required.

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